The unique security system of the roof (SBK) and roofing accessories BORGE gained the popularity and respect in our country not by chance  because they have been tested in close to the Russian weather conditions of Scandinavia. The growth of suburban construction leads to increased interest in such products. «In recent years, despite the economic instability in Russia, the sector of individual and low-rise housing is growing quite rapidly. This is a natural process: the low-rise sector is becoming an increasingly important part of the domestic housing and communal services and has very serious prospects in the future, «says Pavel Petrochenkov, General Director of Borge. — The country is big, and every second family would like not only to improve housing conditions, but to move from residential areas to the suburbs, closer to nature. Ownership of a country house imposes on the owner the responsibility to care for it, to maintain all communications in working order. Roof security systems play an important role in the engineering protection of the house and ensuring the safety of people living in it, the safety of property and buildings.»

Europeans have very strict requirements to the security systems of the roof: each building, put into operation, is a subject to examination for compliance with certain standards. For the first time these standards have been implemented in mass production in 1974 by a Swedish entrepreneur Sven Lagerblom. This was preceded by a tragic event: during the roof works his brother fell from the roof and died. After a quarter century in Finland, in the city of Seinäjoki another company was opened for the production of security systems of the roof.