MK «Lipetsk Profil» is a recognized domestic manufacturer of metal and related accessories. In the shops the company has a modern high-tech production of metal type «Cascade»and «Supermoney».


Металлочерепица Каскад

The most economical of all metal profiles (has the smallest overlap coefficient). Metal tile has the form of classic chocolate tiles. The original geometric solution of metal «Cascade-Elite» gives a stunning visual effect. Our company carries out strict quality control, starting from a careful selection of suppliers of raw materials — steel metal thickness up to 0.55 mm, and ending with tests of the stability of the polymer coating of the finished metal.

Technical characteristics of metal «Cascade-Elite»:

  • metal thickness-0.4-0.55 mm,
  • wave pitch-350 mm,
  • height-25 mm,
  • full width is 1150mm,
  • useful width is 1050 mm.


Металлочерепица Супер Монтеррей

A variety of long-established type of material that is used in various fields of construction. Moreover, this type is the most demanded material for roofing. It imitates the shape of natural tiles and visually very aesthetic. This property is successfully combined with high quality, reliability and durability.

Technical characteristics of the metal «Supermature»:

  • metal thickness-0,4-0,55 mm,
  • wave pitch-350 mm,
  • height-25 mm,
  • the total width is 1180 mm,
  • the useful width is 1100 mm.

You can buy metall directly at the enterprise. Manufactured metal tile finds a buyer quickly, it does not linger in warehouses. This indicates the optimal ratio of quality and price of metal production of our plant.