Здание отделанное сайдингом

Metal siding is a modern building material, which represents profiled panels, designed for cladding works.

The siding is made of galvanized steel with polymer coating, such as polyester, Со1оrcoat RGTM, Granite CLOUDY, Viking, Norman or ECOSTEEL. The dimensions of the panels, with a overall width of 226 mm, in length can be up to 6 m. The thickness of the metal in the panels is from 0.45 to 0.5 mm.

In their design, metal siding panels have a lock and edge for fasteners. The panels are attached to the substructure with screws-screws. The lock leaves the site of attachment unnoticeable. Thus, it is possible to arrange a continuous section of any length and width. Panels are mounted horizontally. Installation of metal siding panels is not difficult. It can be in independently perform almost by any individual businessman.

The additional elements are available to the kit of the panels that allows to make the decoration architecturally finished. Thes are external and internal angles, leading and trailing slats, frames, docking bars, cornices, sills. According to the design, these elements are both simplified and complex configuration, allowing to do facing metal siding objects of any architectural design.


Metal siding — 14 х 226;
Overall width 260 mm;
Useful width 226 mm;
Height 14 mm;
Length 6 m.

We produce and install any shaped elements of both metal with polymer coating and galvanized steel. Our experts thanks to a huge experience qualitatively and in short terms will make both standard additional elements for a facade, and any products according to your sketch.