This steel strip-blank is used for the production of welded pipes, it is also used as a raw material for further conversion, for example, the production of profile for installation of drywall, etc. Strips after rolling on the lines of longitudinal cutting is wound into a roll.

The scope of strips is practically unlimited. They are used as a blank for the production of stamping products; in the woodworking industry; for the manufacture of cable products; in the packaging production, transportation of metal products; for the manufacture of wire; for the production of profiles for the installation of drywall, as reinforcing profiles for plastic windows. In addition, the strips is used in various types of processing of stamping, bending, profiling, packaging.

The advantages and the necessity of using a strips

The strips, unlike wire, «fits» on the packaged products with a plane, leaving no dents. The use of manual and automated packaging machines allows to produce the packaging process quickly and efficiently. Tape covering is securely protected from corrosion. The strength of the steel strips is higher than that of its substitutes, higher resistance to shock loads with sharp cutting objects. Packaging tape is an additional advantage over competitors, improving service, at the request of the customer, steel tape, can tie a batch of products for reliable transportation.

Galvanized strips is used in particular for the manufacture of cable products, various packaging products, wire, as a blank for the production of welded pipes and various galvanized profile: profile for drywall, reinforcing profiles for plastic windows and doors, facade profile. In addition, the galvanized strips is used for stamping, profiling, as well as for packaging and transportation of metal products.